With this specialty procedure, Dr. Trivedi is able to precisely design your gorgeous new smile (or even a single tooth) with the help of a Dental Cone Beam CT Scan. The exceptional accuracy of this technology is the key to a successful procedure.

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How does the 3D scan work?

The scan is fast, comfortable (nothing goes in your mouth) and totally painless. The scanner rotates 360 degrees in just a few seconds and captures high-resolution images that allow for advanced planning for exact placement of your new tooth.

Our three-stage procedure is highly accurate, safe, efficient and guarantees excellent results.

Why Choose 3D Dental Implants?

    • Prevent nerve injury
      With the 3D image, Dr. Trivedi maps out the pathway of your nerves and is able to choose the correct implant length. Conventional x-rays are poor indicators of nerve position, allowing for mistakes, which can result in partial or complete numbness of the lip and chin area.


    • Bone Health Indicator
      Our 3D scan allows us to accurately evaluate the health of the bone, ensuring that the implant is best supported and that the bone will remain healthy and abundant. And if the bone is deficient, it is augmented.


    • Avoid Misaligned Implants
      Your 3D scan allows Dr. Trivedi to design the perfect bite and precise position of the implants. This prevents poor aesthetics and functionality issues, which can be difficult or impossible to fix.


    • Avoid Sinus Penetration
      High-resolution images of the maxillary sinus position in relation to the bone allow Dr. Trivedi to select the proper implant length to avoid puncturing the maxillary sinus. Penetration of the maxillary sinus can lead to an array of complications, including sinusitis and inflammatory conditions. Again, traditional technology doesn’t offer sufficient information for this purpose and is highly inaccurate.


  • Maximum Implant Stability
    Because of the detailed nature of the 3D scan, Dr. Trivedi is able to choose the widest and tallest implant, ensuring long term support and stability. Your implant size selection should not just be an educated guess! It should be selected based on precise measurements, bite schematic, biological/physical requirements and your specific needs. It is paramount in the long-term success of your procedure.
  1. First we numb and isolate the region with a local anesthetic. The implant is then fixed into the jaw bone below gum level and then allowed to heal, integrating with surrounding bone.
  2. For the second visit, the implant is evaluated to make sure it properly integrated with the bone. A specialized dental post known as the abutment is then fitted on to the implant, which will later serve as a platform for the crown. Then the area is again given time to heal around the implant and abutment.
  3. Finally, Dr. Trivedi will place the artificial tooth, or the crown, on top of the abutment. The crown is fabricated using porcelain and will match the shade of your natural teeth. Based on the nature of the case, the crown can either be cemented onto the implant or fitted using a screw.

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Long Lasting Results

At Honest Family Dental, we evaluate our patients very carefully to ensure they are a good candidate for Dental Implants. There are many reasons for getting dental implants – if you have lost one or more teeth due to tooth decay, periodontitis or physical trauma, we are here to help you get your smile back.

Immediate Implants

It is not always necessary to perform implant surgeries in three steps. Some cases require immediate implant placement and are therefore completed in a single sitting. In such cases, special two-piece implants are used that protrude over the gum level while the integration is taking place simultaneously.

After Dr. Trivedi makes the initial diagnosis for the implant placement, we will perform the two-visit surgical procedure, and lastly, Dr. Trivedi will place your implant crown and manage your post-procedure care.

We utilize 3D technology to make the placement process flawless and are able to provide you with the most affordable care possible.

Phase 1: Consultation

You’ll talk with Dr. Trivedi to determine if dental implants are right for you.

Phase 2: Placement

The dental implant is placed at the next visit, followed by the crown platform.

Phase 3: Restoration

Lastly, Dr. Trivedi places your custom crown to finish the process.

What Do 3D Dental Implants Cost?

We provide the highest quality, affordable Dental Implants in Austin. With the limited time $1200 off special we’re offering, the total price (including all work necessary – implant & crown) for a Dental Implant is only $3600!

If you’ve done your research in Austin, you’ll know that we offer one of the best prices (if not the best rate) for a quality Dental Implant.  The average price of 3D implants is $5,000 and the average price of 2D implants is 4,000, so you can see how well we compare to the rest.

Have more than one tooth to be replaced? We offer multi-tooth discounts and also provide payment programs to make it easy on your budget. Call us today for a consultation! Let’s get started!

  • 90% of dentists don’t utilize 3D technology