If you’re looking for a holistic, naturopathic dentist in Austin that will help you pursue overall wellbeing, look no further. Dr. Trivedi’s greatest passion is to treat patients like family and help them to live a healthy life.

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What are we about?

At Honest Family Dental we provide the most minimally invasive and least toxic means of modern dentistry available. We also encourage the body’s natural ability to regenerate whenever possible for our health-conscious patients.

Homeopathic preventative care supports the foundation of your dental health (Fun fact: Dr. Trivedi’s favorite natural healer is coconut oil- he personally handcrafts the organic lip balm we use to keep your lips comfortable during your visit!)


At Honest Family Dental we offer

  • Non-toxic restorations and biocompatible materials (No BPA! No Metals!)
  •  Eco-friendly office
  •  Super friendly staff – because happiness impacts your wellbeing too! Hello, endorphins!
  •  Mercury-free dentistry
  •  Safe mercury filling removal
  •  Biologic/Naturopath dentistry
  •  Fluoride-free dentistry
  •  Chlorine-free water (Dr. Trivedi literally hauls in chlorine free water to the office every week)
  •  Aromatherapy diffusion in each room to help you relax
  •  Himalayan salt lamps in each room to detox the air



We offer safe mercury removal and never use it in our fillings.


We always weigh risks to benefits before suggesting fluoride use.


Dr. T actually brings in distilled water to the office each week!

Now you know a little more about us. We’d love to know more about you! Feel free to schedule a time to come in and meet us!
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About Dr. Trivedi

“When it comes to nutrition and whole body wellness, I truly practice what I preach. Oral health is so important to overall wellbeing, and I love furthering education in that area. Helping people has always been my passion, When I was young, I used to volunteer at local nursing homes. The experience of helping the elderly and caring for them fostered a sense of happiness which would carry through my entire life. When I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Michigan State University, I worked in a fast-paced emergency room. For five years, I was a part of a team that saved many lives. Although this was a rewarding career choice, I found my true calling was still to come and explored many medical professions before I chose dentistry.

Dentistry allows me to combine my altruistic nature with my artistic and mechanical skills. Using cutting edge technology, I help people of all ages achieve and maintain a healthy smile. I get a true sense of pride knowing my work helps you eat, smile, and live a more beautiful life. I consider myself lucky. Very few people get to love their jobs, and even less get to have a job they are passionate about. My passion comes through in the quality of my work, and the close relationships I foster with my patients.


We treat our patients like family

“I am very cavity prone and Dr. Trivedi recommended treatment that no other dentist ever did that drastically reduced my chances of getting cavities. He focuses on prevention, not just treatment. I have been cavity FREE for the last 1.5 years thanks to him!”

– Jen D.

Absolutely Awesome.

“They’re true to their name and don’t oversell you on anything unnecessary, and furthermore, went above and beyond showing me things to be kept aware of and things to do to stay on top of my oral hygiene.

Couldn’t be happier with my experience. Absolutely awesome staff.”

– John L.

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Natural Dentistry in Austin

Austin’s Homeopathic Dentist

dr trivedi

Dr. Ameet Trivedi is a wellness leader in Central Texas, advocating for overall wellbeing and how it relates to dentistry. He is frequently invited to speak on the topic of nutrition and its impact on oral health.

At Honest Family Dental, your health is our priority—that doesn’t mean just making sure we help keep your teeth clean two times a year. Oral health impacts your overall wellbeing and your well body controls your oral health.

We know that taking a whole body approach and giving you tools and education to live a healthy life will support the very makeup of your wellbeing.

Knowledge is power.

Dr. Trivedi is your dental wellness partner!