How does ZOOM! Whitening work?

We over professional whitening at Honest Family Dental. If you’re looking for ZOOM! Whitening in Austin, TX, you’re in the right place. If you live in Austin, teeth whitening is becoming more popular, but it can be expensive and painful if you don’t choose a reputable doctor. So why choose HFD and ZOOM!?

  • ZOOM! utilizes light technology to activate a specialized gel, giving you dramatic results without the harsh eVects of at-home whitening
  • You can expect to hang out with us for about 2 hours while you relax with some Netflix. We’ll apply the gel in three 40 minute sessions
  • You should experience minimal sensitivity Teeth are lightened an average of 8 shades

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How much does ZOOM! Whitening cost?

We provide the highest quality, affordable teeth whitening in Austin. With the limited time $50 mail-in rebate we’re offering, the total price for ZOOM! Whitening is only $399!

(The average price for ZOOM! in Austin is $500)

Have a group of friends or family members that would like to participate? We over multi-service discounts and also provide payment programs to make it easy on your budget. Call us today for a consultation! Let’s get started!